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Luan Rafael Marques de Oliveira


Brazilian EA and translator with a master´s in philosophy
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About Me

Having been interested in philosophy, science and secular advocacy since my early 20s, it's hard to say when I first started being interested in EA, since it surely was in the meme-air I breathed at that time. But I only got involved with an onsite community very recently. And I have been contributing mainly with translation work. In early 2022, I got the great opportunity to start translating into Portuguese the website.

Later I got permission from the authors to translate the introduction to The Precipice:

and Doing Good Better:

Then this year, I contributed to the translation of the EA Handbook:

and BlueDot Impact's Governance course:

Also, the FLI has put a link to my translation to their Pause AI open Letter on their website:

and so has Nick Bostrom, when I translated his Letter from Utopia: