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The mathematician who discovered ordered semigroup actions.

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I studied in a university but didn't receive a degree due to religious discrimination. I discovered a new branch of mathematics: algebraic theory of general topology or theory of ordered semicategory actions. I also do software projects for science and climate.




Victor Porton

6 months ago

@IsaakFreeman @Rachel You studied math and should understand importance of this grant.

Probably, even more important, than publishing discontinuous analysis itself, is that advertising discontinuous analysis also advertises ordered semicategory actions, my 2019 year discovery. I think, you understand that most of the future science should be based on ordered semicategory actions, like as science is based on group theory as its another foundation. Deficit of attention to ordered semicategory actions is risky to become a long time severe disease to the entire mankind science. It is the same, as if group theory would be ignored, because, like group theory, ordered semigroup actions have multitudinous connections to the rest of math.

Just imagine the reverse situation to what actually happened: If group theory would be discovered in 2019 and then ignored, while ordered semigroup actions would be discovered around 1880. That would be probably very similar to what actually happened.