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@case Yes, although I haven't decided which OSS license to use.

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Kenan Schaefkofer

3 months ago

1. I spent at least 10 hours working on finishing and polishing the browser extension after getting funded. I have gotten no other funding, and I don't see additional funds as being needed.

2. The browser extension is in good working order, and used by a handful of people, including some that I do not know and did not advertise to (I did not advertise at all). It has the basic functionalities that were intended, with many bug fixes and networking optimizations applied since funding. Unfortunately for this extension, the Manifold team has made changes site that discourage the creation of opinion markets and "stonk" markets. Without doing a formal check, it seems to me that usage of such existing markets decreased dramatically since those changes. I applaud the team for making hard calls and cutting features that are not integral to Manifold’s vision.

3. On a 1-10 scale, where 5 was my expectation (and my mode was perhaps 3), I would say this has been a 2.

4. I need no further help, but welcome feedback from anyone interested.

5. I appreciated the chance to receive funding to commit to a short term programming project in a novel area for me. I’m disappointed that it didn’t land in the long tails, but I’m glad I pursued it and am grateful for the funding.

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Kenan Schaefkofer

7 months ago

Here are the store pages for the extension on Chrome and Firefox. The source code can still be found on Github.

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Kenan Schaefkofer

7 months ago

Software updates since getting funded:

  • Take advantage of Manifold's improved positions API to reduce bandwidth usage

  • Perform small, more frequent incremental positions updates when possible

  • Allow ignoring Destiny markets

  • Allow market makers to customize the Subject, Fan, and Critic text

  • Face lift to the options interface

I have done almost no public advertising. Judging based on friends that use it, and the Firefox and Chrome store downloads, we have around 6 users.

In the upcoming weeks, I intend to post a bounty on the Discord and/or Manifold to invite users to try it out and give feedback in exchange for mana. This can help improve the extension as well as determine if this is actually a desirable enough feature to warrant further time investment.