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Vikram (Vik) Gupta


Hi! I'm Vik, a 17 y/o engineer in the Cambridge/Boston area interested in Human Augmentation and Art-Tech!
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For the past 2 years, I've been working at various labs and research groups across the Cambridge area, including most recently the MIT Media Lab and the Harvard Augmentation Lab. There, I've worked on and led several projects including a supernumerary robotic limb, a drone-swarm controlled with brain computer interfacing, a low cost android-based AR headset, and several other engineering and art projects. I'm the operations director at Talaria Summer Institute, a nonprofit organization running a free summer STEM research mentorship program for female and genderqueer students, where I manage funding, hiring, vision, and scout for projects to aid our idealized future of gender-equity in STEM. Recently, I became an organizer at the MIT Reality Hack, where I work on outreach, communications, and event design. In my free time, I play volleyball, rock climb, solve puzzles, and explore hidden parts of cities. Feel free to reach out!!



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Vikram (Vik) Gupta

4 months ago

Hey Austin,

Thanks so much for your support!

  • I heard about Manifund from Sophia actually! @spunge and I met at a rationality camp in New Hampshire last week and exchanged a ton of amazing ideas and resources.

  • On the topic of relevance to EA, I feel like human augmentation is an overlooked part of longtermism compared to popular fields like biosecurity and AI alignment. I believe it's just as important to improve the comfort and longevity of future humans as it is to consider the longevity of humanity as a species. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

  • Just for fun since you're a software person, you might be interested in projects like this and this which I had a small hand in last year :)

Cheers, Vik