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Passionate about solving the Metacrisis. Solarpunk Regen. Moonshot Thinking.
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“Hacker mindset can go a long way” - if there is a will, there is a way.

Passionate about blockchain, AI and other exponential technologies - specifically how they can contribute to UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)

Big fan of Elon Musk, Buckminster Fuller and Nikola Tesla.

His most recent book - - is titled “System Change: Actionable Policies to Handle Climate Emergency“ where he explains the most actionable change that we can do right now to avoid catastrophic climate collapse and breakdown of human civilisation.

He believes that everyone has potential to wake up and realise their unique talents - aligning flow with purpose and passion.



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Mars Robertson

3 months ago

First, instinctive, off-the-cuff response. Copy-paste from an another grant application:

"Some people understand problem intuitively."

"Some people find it too vague / too abstract."

"Please ask questions so we can improve the messaging, we are anti-fragile, every concern is getting us closer to the goal 🙏"

I guess you are in the group 2 :)

Genuine observation - EA / GiveWell / OpenPhilanthopy / LessWrong / rationalist communities focuses heavily on the metrics and the most commonly (quotation needed) used metrics is DALY:

There are many other possible metrics but they are not-so-obvious to quantify. We aim at that not-so-obvious metrics niche, that's why provided two illustrative examples (fresh air and 🐘)

I base my observation on personal experiences, I was to COP23 Bonn, COP24 Katowice, COP26 Glasgow, Davos May 2022 and I've realised that very few people have holistic understanding of interdependencies related to the climate system, food system, energy, economy, sustainable growth, education, governance, media and everything in between. BaseX is based on the principle that incentives are driving force of the universe therefore if we want to change the world, we need to change the incentives, that's why a new definition of value, new metric that accounts of externalities, cobenefits, impact.

We are constantly striving to improve the messaging. You comment matters. Your feedback matters. We will improve. If you can, if you care enough, maybe you can be more specific about the "I have zero understanding about what your project is or what it does". I truly appreciate your viewpoint and I will even more appreciate if you could be more specific which parts need clarification.

(the most valuable feedback is when someone disagress and cares enough to engage in a discussion)

Copy-paste from the existing description:

Project summary

New definition of value.

Accounting for externalities, cobenefits, impact.

Full end-2-end accounting for cost of goods, products, services.

Universal evaluation engine.


I personally like these headlines but obviously I'm biased. I'm wondering if the information provided in this comment make this summary more relatable.