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Indepedent AI Researcher, Lighting Designer, Autodidactic nerd.

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Eden Morrison

3 months ago

Thanks for the feedback! I absolutely understand the level of hesitancy you expressed. Unfortunately the level of obfuscation (and therefore lack of clarity) is a necessary part of my chosen strategy. Same with the question of an NDA, it's not something I particularly want to insist on, but I have to bow to expert (in this case, legal) opinion on the matter. I would be happy to discuss why I decided on this specific strategy for this specific technology in more detail if you would like.

But in brief, prioritising IP protection of a technology with what I perceive as significant potential for misuse is important from a safety perspective. This, to me, is the necessary first step as once something is in the public domain it is no longer possible to control how it is used by parties liable to misuse it.

However, I fully acknowledge that it's probably a bit of a tough sell, so your critique is entirely valid. If it is not possible to acquire funding through Manifund for this stage of the process, I may reapply at a later date once this stage is completed.

Again, thank you for your helpful feedback!