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I'm a research fellow at the Global Priorities institute, Oxford. Starting Fall 2023, I'll be Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University.

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My research focuses on bounded rationality, judgment and decisionmaking, and longtermism.



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David Thorstad

2 months ago

Just a relevant piece of information: the ANU summer visitors season is one of the biggest and most impactful summer events in philosophy and tends to have a big impact on the careers and research trajectory of people who do it. It's something of a "who's who, and who would like to do cool things during their summer" of philosophy. They're also very strong in the relevant fields. I did the ANU visitors season largely because I'd learn more decision theory there than at Harvard.

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David Thorstad

5 months ago

Well I'll be darned - thanks Austin! Honestly wasn't expecting to wake up and find my project over-target within 12 hours of posting. I appreciate the support -- will acknowledge publicly unless you'd prefer that I don't.