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about 2 months ago

To elaborate on this a bit and make it more precise:
The first 15-20K would go mostly towards runway and very cheap MVPs which don't require resources from us apart from our time (i.e. things we can run online).

Funding above the 15-20K and up to around 60K would go towards somewhat less cheap MVPs such as hosting an in-person mini version of the program for a few individuals who are in the early phases of starting their AI safety research organization.

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Alexandra Bos

2 months ago

@RyanKidd thanks for asking!

Receiving the first $5K - 10 K in funding would help us gain very useful runway and resources to put towards better MVPs. We're pretty cheap right now; around $5K gives us 1 extra month of runway.

The resources would enable us to:

1) Continue to fully dedicate our attention to making this program a reality,

2) It would create space for us to execute on more MVPs that are helping us learn how to best shape the program, build a proof of concept, and build our track record in this niche.

In other words, this funding would increase the odds of us being able to run a more comprehensive pilot later in 2024.

The MVPs we are planning and partially already running consist of 1) supporting and coaching very early AI safety research organizations and 2) enabling people to find a cofounder for the AI safety research organization they want to set up.